AA Visiting School + CAA Summer Workshop 2014 | Jul 21st to Aug 1st – Architeture Research Center [ARC] – University of Nicosia – Cyprus

The Architectural Association Cyprus Visiting School for 2014 joins brief, participants and structure with the annual Summer Workshop sponsored by the Cyprus Architects Association and hosted/organized by the University of Nicosia – Department of Architecture [ARC]. The target for 2014 is to assemble a diverse and dynamic group of students and young practitioners, both from Cyprus and abroad for a 2 week fabrication period aiming to construct floating components addressing issues of refugee relief in relation to the U.N. operations corps in Cyprus. FARRCo – Floating Assembled Refugee Relief ComponentsAA+CAA Summer Workshop 2014Workshop Schedule

The workshop is organized in an overall time-span of 3 weeks, in a ‘Design & Make’ structure, split between a ‘Design week’ in April and ‘two weeks of Making’ in July 2014. This will allow students participating in the July assembly weeks to also be part of the design preparatory phase, while this division provides also a safe two month period in-between for resolving all fabrication and administration issues until the ‘Make’ phase in July.

April 22nd-25th 2014. DESIGN | University of Nicosia, Department of Architecture [ARC] The aim of the design week is to explore and test various materials proposed to be used during the July fabrication phase. Students from Cypriot institutions and young architects are invited to submit and develop ideas, closely associated with a material of choice, in order to respond to the brief. The outcome of this phase will be a mockup model of the proposed design to be fabricated in July.

July 21st-25th 2014. MAKE – Part A | University of Nicosia, Department of Architecture [ARC] The first week of the July phase (MAKE) will take place at the University of Nicosia, Department of Architecture [ARC]. Students from Cyprus and abroad will be introduced to the brief and the design work so far. There will be software tutorials (Rhino and Grasshopper) offered in order for the design and fabrication process undertaken to be understood by all participants. On Friday the 25th all participants will depart from Nicosia to Kato Pyrgos Gymnasium.

July 26th-1st August 2014. MAKE – Part B | Kato Pyrgos. For this week, the workshop will be hosted in Kato Pyrgos Gymnasium, where the participants will focus exclusively on assembly and construction. The last day, Friday 1st of August, there will be an open-theatre presentation of the final constructions and real-time testing in the picturesque little harbor of Kato Pyrgo’s.

For More Information visit: http://cyprus.aaschool.ac.uk/

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