AUTO-Mason 13 | Digital Design + Fabrication Competition


Digital Design tools and fabrication methods have been advancing rapidly, changing the way spaces are designed, and realized. The competition seeks to explore the potential of CAD-CAM workflows and principles in construction industry using an industrial robotic arm specialized in stone and marble carving. Industrial Robotic Arms have been a fascinating challenge for designers that have been recently establishing new ways of communication with these relatively old but generic machines. As an increased number of such robots escape the automotive and aerospace industry into the building construction sector, designers are called to push the boundaries and explore the possibilities of what looks like an industry changing technology.

Pavlides Marbles in collaboration with the Architecture Department of the University of Nicosia [ARC] and HUB Design + Engineering Platform, invite architecture, interior design students and young archite

cts to submit their design proposals for the first Auto-Mason Design Competition. The aim of the open competition is to design a freeform wall in a linear assembly of 41 Stone Panels to be digitally fabricated using an industrial robot. The linear composition of panels will form the main boundary wall of Pavlides Industrial estate at Dali, Nicosia. The winning project will be fabricated using a robot and when assembled it is expected to be the largest digitally fabricated assembly on the island of Cyprus.

Mandatory Software Platforms: Rhinoceros 3D and/or Grasshopper

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Registration Deadline:  Entrants must register by the 19th July, 2013; please send us an email with your name or names of team members at

Submissions Deadline:  1st September 2013

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AUTO-Mason 13  – [ARC] Site Visit (17th Apr. 2013):


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