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“Three D” aimed to further promote the technique of 3D printing to the Cyprus public. It was officially part of the “Fab 11 Conference and Symposium, Boston” (Distributed Events) and was hosted by the Lemesos International Documentary Festival. It included a special screening of the documentary “Print the Legend” as well as in situ operation of 3D printers, from local resellers and 3D printing workshops, which fabricated shot glasses to go with the festival mood!


HUB Design Platform (


Department of Fine Arts, School of Fine and Applied Arts, Cyprus University of Technology (


[ARC] Department of Architecture, University of Nicosia (


Download the shot cups created for the Event for FREE:

WARNING: Do NOT use ANY plastic for food handling/storage unless you have a material certification from the vendor/supplier!


Shot Cup CX

Shot Cup MG

Shot Cup EK

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